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First the emulator, this file is your program to open the roms. So extract this file (with winzip, see software if you don't have it) into a new directorie. Read the readme file. Only you can use the roms when you are sure you have this games bought in the store. So for the copyright its for experimental use. Let's say is the game good on me compu....

nes emulator

now the roms (games), download and extract them into a file open with your emulator, run them and have a nice game time...

Afterburner America numero uno
Baddudes. Battle Toads
Caveman Conan
Altered Beast Archrivals
Bart against the world Best of the Best
Chipendales against... Contra
A boy and his Blob, Blub Blub,Nitendo Adventure Island, no explenation needed
Adventure Island 2, better then the first one... Adventure Island 3, what must I say..
Altered Beast, the name is enough American Gladiators, blood blood blood...
Arch Rivals, some people seem to like it Bad Dudes, what's a Dude?????
Bad news Baseball, like to play it. Battletoads? Battletoads? Battletoads?
Bionic Commando that's a name I like more blood with Blades of steel
Bubble Bobble or Bobble Bubble? Contra, nice game
Double Dragon, this game is great. Double Dragon 2
Double Dragon 3, great, greater,greatst Double Dribble, if you like sport
Dr Mario who doesn't know this guy. Duck Tales say what
Earth Bound, I like this game Karate Kid, a challange
Kid Icarus, don't know this game or Kid Little Nemo, for the Kids
Magic Johnsons Fast Break Marble Madness, if you play long enough
Mario, don't say anything Mario2,...............
Mario3,............... Mike Tyson Punch Out, good old Mike
Monopoly, try to make some bucks Ninja Gaiden, only for experts
Ninja Gaiden 3, where is 2? Zelda,no expleno
Zelda2 who can finish this game.  greetings eurnies.com